Our Dental Consults

A dental consultation with the doctor is the first step in our process to ensure your pet has the most effective, highest quality and safest experience possible.

At our office a dental consultation is designed to save you money while assessing your pet for their up coming dental cleaning

Our Doctors and Staff will use this time to assess a few things about your pet

  1. Basic pet information - Is your pet a senior?  Does your pet have other underlying health conditions we should be prepared for?  Does your pet take any medications?  What reasons do you feel your pet is due for a dental cleaning?  Are the concerns you have treated with dental cleaning or does your pet need an exam?  How severe is your pet's dental disease?

  2. Awake oral exam - Our doctors will do our best to exam your pet's mouth during this consult.  Some pets will not allow for a good oral exam and that will make things more difficult, but we always try.

  3. Cardiopulmonary Auscultation and Basic Vitals - Our doctors will collect some basic vitals on your pet and listen to their heart and lungs.  We want to do everything in our power to provide your pet with a safe anesthetic dental cleaning.  Ensuring your pet's vitals are normal is essential

  4. Pre-Anesthetic blood testing - While this is not mandatory it is always essential and strongly recommended.  Any pet having a general anesthetic procedure should have at minimum a pre-anesthetic screen even if they had a normal screen in the past or are acting normal at home.  Blood tests can pick up problems before your pet is "acting sick".   Our office has new state of the art in house blood testing machines that allow us to collect a sample the morning of your pet's procedure and have results quickly and efficiently.  This gives us a snap shot of their health prior to their procedure.  We have 4 different pre-anesthetic options available so there is an option for every pet and price level.  Our Doctors and staff will discuss these options with you at your consult.  Please understand this is ALWAYS recommended and if you decline this test your pet may experience unexpected complications.  For more information on pre-anesthetic screens please read about them on our Anesthesia and Blood Testing page.

  5. A dental estimate based on what we can assess from the information we have gathered during this consultation.  Please understand we do our very best to give you a worse case estimate scenario so you can prepare but a full oral exam can't be completed on an awake dog and cat so it will be repeated once your pet is under anesthesia for a cleaning and we may uncover things we did not see during your consult.

  6. Some pets will go home with antibiotics and or pain medication to start before their dental cleaning.

The information we gather from this consult is vital to your pet's cleaning as well as our scheduling so please understand you can't have your pet's teeth cleaned at our office without at least a dental consultation.  Call today to schedule

Difference between a Dental Consult and an Exam

A dental consultation is just what it says.  This is a conversation between the doctor and you about what to expect when you pet has a dental cleaning at our office.  This is not a full examination.  Some pets will require a full examination before we are able to clean their teeth.

If your pet is otherwise healthy and has bad breath, a broken or discolored tooth, heavy tarter accumulation or your regular veterinarian has done an exam and determined your pet should have a cleaning then a dental consult is for you.

If your pet is not eating, losing weight, drooling excessively, painful, vomiting, having diarrhea or any other problem that is not specifically going to resolve from a dental cleaning then your pet will need an exam.  Exams are more invasive and help to determine what may be the real source of your pet's problem.  Sometimes it is determined that your pet needs a dental cleaning but often times other issues are the culprit and our doctors will need to run additional tests or having longer discussions with you about your pet's health.  A dental consultation DOES NOT cover this type of evaluation.  A dental consultation is merely a check at basic vitals and an oral exam to build you an estimate.  It is not an examination to determine if your pet needs a dental.  A consult is for a pet that already has been determined to need a dental cleaning from a previous exam or obvious dental only issue.

Please understand that if you schedule a dental consult and the doctor does not feel that all your pet needs is a cleaning and exam will be recommended before a dental can be performed.  This is for your pet's safety!

Examples of oral conditions that would require an exam instead of a consult include - facial swelling, wounds, bleeding from the mouth, difficulty eating or swallowing, severe oral pain, chronic stomatitis, decreased appetite or loss of appetite.  These conditions may resolve from a dental cleaning but given the other possible health concerns and diseases that can go along with these an exam will likely be needed in place of a dental consultation.


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