Our Dental Care

Our Dental Procedures

We Provide high Quality dental cleanings and exams at Affordable prices for all dogs and cats!

Cat Dental Cleanings Start at $175.00 
Dog Dental Cleanings Start at $185.00*   
*(for dogs under 25lbs)

Every Dog and Cat Dental Includes-

  • Safe General Anesthesia Tailored to your Pet
  • Scaling and Polishing of all Teeth
  • A Complete Oral Examination
  • IV Catheter and Fluids
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • ECG Monitoring
  • Heart Rate, Oxygen and CO2 Monitoring
  • Simple Extractions*
  • Pain Medication/Nerve Blocks
  • Nail Trims
  • Anal Gland Expression (if needed)
  • Ear Canal Evaluation 
  • Intra operative and post operative patient warming
  • A dedicated team member monitor your pet throughout the entire process

Dental Cleanings-

We use high-speed, top-notch dental equipment for faster & less traumatic extractions. We don't believe in charging you for the extraction of a diseased tooth when the extraction takes less time than the cleaning/polishing of that tooth! 

We do LOW COST dental consult exams for healthy pets and estimates to help better address each pet's dental needs.

All pets are NOT created equal!  That is why we provide low cost dental consults*.  This enables us to tailor each pets procedures to their specific needs.  We can also discuss PLUS options for each individual pet.  We can't prepare or quote you correctly without seeing your pet's mouth.  Our dental cleaning price will not change but your pet may need more than just a cleaning and we don't want that to be a surprise to you or us.

*Our goal is to keep your pet healthy.  Please understand that our Dental consults ONLY apply to healthy animals in need of dental care. If you pet is sick an exam may be required before we can provide your pet with dental care.  If you pet is not eating, losing weight, lethargic or sick in any other way an exam may be required.  This is for the safety of your pet and to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to have an elective dental procedure.  While some cases not eating or lethargy are due to poor dental health it is more common that another underlying health issue is present.  Our consults are not structured to address all of the possibly health issues your pet could be facing as they are not full exams. Performing an elective anesthesia dental cleaning may not be safe for your pet.  Your pet's health and safety is our TOP! priority. 

Services that may be advised but are not including with a dental cleaning include - Pre -operative blood testing, dental radiographs and surgical tooth extractions. Not all pet's will need these so to keep prices affordable we tailor each of these services to each individual pet.

Pre anesthetic blood testing

For your pet's safety we ALWAYS recommend pre-anesthetic blood testing. We do not require these so they are not included in our cleaning price. Our trained staff and veterinarians will discuss these options with you during your consultation.  They start as low as $65. 

Dental radiographs

We do offer Dental radiographs at an additional cost.  Full mouth radiographs are always recommended but not required.  Pre and Post extraction dental radiographs are required for teeth that need extracting. Assessment radiographs are always advised for teeth with oral lesions.

Tooth extractions and Oral surgery

This is where things get more complex. If you pet needs teeth extracted we try to plan ahead with a consult to help you get these done at the same time.  Extractions, however, are not part of a cleaning and can't be quoted without an oral exam. Extractions are oral surgery and require advanced training to perform.  These are performed by our veterinarians and due to the complexity of most extractions these are going to be an additional cost and require additional treatments both during the procedure and at home.

The PLUS in our name means we will gladly perform general veterinary care for your pet too!  So if your pet is due for vaccines, has a lump that is worrying you, is not feeling well or needs general veterinary care we can help you too!  Call to schedule your exam today!!

Check out our Regular Veterinary Services  page for more details on our regular veterinary services

We do not offer orthodontics, root canals, fillings, sealants, or tooth restorations. These services require advanced equipment/supplies that add to practice overhead and are not practical for many pets/owners in the area. If you are interested in an advanced procedure, we happily can recommend a Board-Certified Vet Dentist or Vet Surgeon. 

We do not want to "guilt" our clients into services.  We want to help you understand what care makes sense for you and your pet. 

We do not  recommend "anesthesia-free dentistry".  In almost all cases it is more stressful/painful for the patient and much less effective at identifying, preventing and correcting oral disease than traditional veterinary dentistry. 

Many veterinary regulatory entities have deemed "anesthesia-free dentistry" to be malpractice because of the risks to the patient.

Our practice style, limited scheduling/services and payment options can not accommodate every situation.


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